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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 15, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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the trains are running but bay area commuters are in a holding pattern with another midnight deadline fast approaching. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. at this hour the bay area is just two hours away from yet another b.a.r.t. strike deadline. it's beginning to sound a little familiar isn't it. happening now talks under way in downtown oakland as we speak. jana katsuyama is live at the caltrans building where one
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controversial figure is conspicuously absent tonight. >> reporter: the mediator and the unions might be coming out within the next 15 or 20 minutes to do a news conference. now i am trying to get confirmation from some other people in the building. but could be a signal that there might be some developments here in this negotiation that has been really critical throughout the day and a very long day of talks. up on the 13th and 15 floors of the caltrans building, b.a.r.t. contract talks stretch into the night and weary riders must once again wait and see if b.a.r.t. and its unions can reach a common ground. >> there's a lot of work to be done but the good news is we're back in. >> reporter: that was at 7:00
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p.m. and grace crenican was leading the talks as talks came to the wire. stepping in just as they say the lead negotiator for months had to leave town. b.a.r.t.'s directors drew a line on the sand with a proposal they called their last and best offer. pension contributions up to 4% and average of up to $144 a month in medical contributions. >> we're working within the financial parameters of the last best and final. and we've taken some of the unions ideas and we're trying to implement them and cost them out. >> reporter: negotiators have said that under their last offers, the members pay raises would be wiped out with pension contributions. >> we're under a gag order trying to reach a deal. it is the union's attempt to
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get a contract deal. >> reporter: for b.a.r.t.'s 400,000 daily riders tonight will be the fourth time that they have had to wait to find out whether there will be a strike and let me just tell you in the past minute that we ran that report i did get a second confirmation that there is an update expected soon right here of course we will stay here and try to bring that to you live as we get it. for now reporting live from oakland, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. and stay with us for continuing coverage. we will bring you developments during this newscast as well as twitter and on plus the morning news will get started a half hour early once again tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. a horrifying ordeal for a father in san francisco tonight. police say a woman jumped into his suv with his two small children inside then drove off leaving that mother screaming and yelling for help. fortunately the which i know were -- the children were found
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in the suv a few moments later and both were unharmed. the incident started on 27th and fulsome. family members say the children where are in the backseat when the woman jumped into the drive's seat and took off. she has not been found. a witness described her as a white woman, very pail with burgundy colored hair. a desperate search is under way in the south bay tonight to find two teenage sisters who disappeared on sunday night. some 30 volunteers passed out hundreds of fliers this afternoon around san jose. emily dorsage and madeline were last seen at around 7:30 monday night following a church service at del mar high school. the girl's father says that the girls have never gone missing or ran away. >> this is something i wouldn't wish on anybody. any parent any where to have to
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go through this. >> san jose police have been notified. the girls father has set up a facebook page to help get the word out. their mother lives in pismo beach but is now in the san jose area to help search for her daughters. efforts to fix a dangerous intersection in the city of pleasanton may have made things worse. we have learned just days before a husband and wife were struck in a crosswalk striking a person. >> reporter: for months when they push this this button, not all of the lights turned on to alert drivers. you can see here the markings but a week later still no
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light. >> reporter: when they say cross with caution they mean it. we watched as people scurried across busy santa rita road. traffic barrels down the thoroughfare making the crosswalk warning system crucial. >> it's so dangerous for my kids to cross the street here. >> reporter: neighbors say the city has left pedestrians in the dark, literally. >> the lights are not working. it's very dangerous. please help fix it. >> reporter: they tell us the warning lights have been unreliable for months. >> i mean in fact, last week we took we didn't go that way because the light wasn't working we went all the way down to the light and then we crossed. >> that is being looked at. the lights were being replaced. >> reporter: pleasanton's city attorney say it is new lights embedded in the pavement will be hard wired instead of being solar powered that should make
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them for reliable. >> the crosswalk is marked, there were also overhead lights that were working at the time as well. >> reporter: but the death has unsettled those here who hope improvements will come before another tragedy. >> i feel sorry for the couple and their family. it's horrible. horrible. >> reporter: police tonight say that 65-year-old xou subcomb to her injuries. her husband remains hospitalized. now the the back and forth in congress as the white house tries to come to a compromise to avoid default. the deadline to raise the debt ceiling is now just 24 hours away, after senate leaders worked on a compromise, john boehner took the floor today.
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word came, no deal yet. >> no votes for tonight, we'll see you tomorrow. >> reporter: it became clear there would be no vote this evening. boehner was unable to get enough votes. one snag is conservatives want an action to stop or slow the affordable health care act. earlier speaker boehner acknowledged just how difficult the deal is. >> there is no decision on what we will do. >> reporter: one sign that republicans are working late, two -- 21 boxes of pizza were delivered to their office. aids say they remain optimistic. president obama expressed confident that both sides of congress will come up where a deal. the president called on congressional leaders to stop posturing and try to save face and do what's right so the
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country can pay its bills. he said the problem is that house republicans are still trying to get concessions while time is quickly running out. wall street reacted negatively to the uncertainty in washington. the dow dropped 133 points, the nasdaq fell one. a mayor rating -- major rating company put the u.s. as a one because of the looming date. the a's and golden state warriors plus hotels and housing. it would be built at the site of the current coliseum. the cupertino city council
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took another major development. the new apple campus. it will includes a circular building which steve jobs described as a spaceship. there will be a lot more traffic if its built but others said it would bring more money and jobs to the area. the council is still debating the project. more mosquitoes that can carry a dangerous disease have been found in the bay area this time we're not talking about west nile virus. cara liu tells us where insects testing positive for yellow fever are being found and what's being done to keep people safe. >> reporter: john fox is one of a number of residents warned about yellow fever mosquitoes in his neighborhood. >> i'm glad that we have funded mosquito agents that can identify that there's infected
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mosquitoes present. >> reporter: the warning went out when a infected mosquito egg was found. vector control launched door to door inspections. as recently as four days ago inspectors found more larva that technicians believe will test positive. this is an aggressive mosquito that can transmit yellow fever and denge fever. >> if we have this mosquito here and it bit somebody with denge fever that mosquito, that ejipty will have the ability to transmit that disease with someone else. that's what we're trying to prevent. >> reporter: this is the first time in more than three decades it's turned up here in the bay area. experts aren't sure how it got here. but say it's possible it was brought in on a plant or some other vegetation.
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residents can help with the eradication effort. more details now the centers for disease control says vaccines are available for yellow fever but they're usually only recommended for travelers to south america and africa. it's a live virus vaccine and a single dose can protect an individual against yellow fever for more than 10 years. doctors say a booster shot is advisable every 10 years thereafter. serious questions about an emergency alert. how a system designed to warn about fires sent a text about pancakes to 27,000 people. from jacket weather to t- shirt weather the big difference the bay area will see between highs and lows tomorrow. the area under this overpass is a prime
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soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at
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we're following the b.a.r.t. negotiations. >> jana katsuyama is standing live with hopefully good news. >> reporter: right now let me tell you what we've learned in the past 10 minutes. the acu sent out a tweet saying and i quote there will be no strike tomorrow. exclamation point. now we were as i mentioned in
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my earlier report expecting to hear something from both of the unions and the mediators. i understand now from some sources inside that not all of the people parties involved in it were ready to make any kind of announcement so we are still keeping a close eye on that elevator door to see when they will come out. but i understand there is some sort of update planned soon but at least right now if you are to take the acu's union tweet for face value, they've decided not to strike tomorrow. that means the trains will be running tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. as you recall there was a strike deadline on friday, again saturday. sunday rather and then monday. so we are going to be staying here as i mentioned some of my sources telling me that there's an update expected soon to make an announcement between the
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unions and mediators. we will stay here and bring you an update as soon as we get it. >> when you do we will come back to you. jana, keep us updated. some city workers reached out to ktvu when they couldn't get answers any where else. only on 2, eric rasmussen is live where the car owners say they're getting hit over and over again. >> reporter: they are employees across the street at alameda county's nutrition services office. rather than risk an $85 ticket trying to park down the side streets many say they are choosing to park down here on telegraph. that's where they say they've been the target repeatedly of burglars and car thieves. >> they smashed my window. >> i didn't see my car. and i saw a lot of glass. >> reporter: one after another. >> they took all my cds and my good sunglasses. >> reporter: workers at alameda county nutrition services on telegraph avenue in oakland. >> they took my bible. >> reporter: lined up to tell
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us they've been the targets of car thieves. >> right here, where it's the darkest. >> reporter: damaras baker says someone has broken into her car five times. >> there's no point in calling the police because they take a report and nothing is done, nothing changes. >> reporter: someone stole the battery out of her car. >> i was walking to my car with a coworker and she noticed this was a little bit open i said oh no. >> reporter: even more frustrating for the people who park here, the california highway patrol office is right across the street but so far it's been no deterrent to car thieves. >> they don't care, they do it broad daylight. >> reporter: imaginers >> reporter: imaginers -- manager say the county has been unable to give them better
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parking. now these workers who help those most in need are the target. the situation here could be one they add to their list. we're live in oakland, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. all right, we have more breaking news. we want to go back now to downtown oakland where people are walking out right now with some announcement on the b.a.r.t. situation. let's listen in. >> the mediator of the conciliation from washington, d.c. and with me are my colleague scott beckenberg and the commissioner. i have a brief statement and i will not be taking any questions. you all should understand that bargaining continues to take place under our leadership. the parties have advised me to inform you that in support of
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the public interest and all the riders in this year, there will be train service operating all day tomorrow. i appreciate your attention and your understanding that we are intimately involved in the negotiation process. we're devoting all our efforts and energy for the partys to achieve an agreement. i will not be taking any questions. and i thank you for bearing. good evening. >> that's the mediator cohen speaking today. a very short statement saying that the bargaining continues. they've made some progress but the bottom line is the unions have authorized him to say that the trains will be running tomorrow and what's significant here is in the past couple of days they've made us wait until after midnight to make an announcement. now people know there will be b.a.r.t.
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service as of tomorrow. >> what's significant is no deal has been reached as of yet. they said the parties have made progress and bargaining continues and the trains will roll tomorrow. let's now go to weather and our meteorologist bill martin. thanks julie. daytime highs today were on the warm side. again temperatures tomorrow warm like these. so we have 85 in santa rosa today. 85 in fairfield. highs tomorrow 82s, 83s where these inland valleys are showing 79 and 80. a little warmer tomorrow. temperatures they move around a little bit. tonight, overnight lows are going to get chilly. walnut creek, 61 in concord, 66 in mountain view. pretty warm but overnight lows tonight are going to get down there. in the inland bay valleys, kind of chilly when you leave the house tomorrow. but daytime highs for you wednesday just like today. you like today you're going to love tomorrow. when i come back we're going to talk about the elevated fire danger obviously and the bay area weekend in view there will
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be changes as we head into saturday and sunday. we'll see you back here. two explosions in two days at l.a.x. now late word of an arrest in this case. then at 10:30 -- >> i have never heard of such a horrifying proposal before this council. >> cameras spark controversy about pr
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los angeles police said just a few moments ago that an employee at l.a. international airport has been arrested with a connection to recent explosions. officials found three bottles with dry ice. one happened sunday night the other last night. the person arrested works with a company that provides ground services for airlines.
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authorities also recovered two additional bottles containing dry ice that did not explode. palo alto residents are seeing red because of an emergency alert message from their fire department that touted a pancake breakfast. 27,000 notices went sent out last friday advising palo alto residents that the department was going to land a life flight helicopter at the benefit pancake breakfast. palo alto fire chief says he wanted residents to know so they wouldn't call 911. but some people say it's not an appropriate use of that alert system. and some of the messages that went out only mentioned the pancake breakfast and not the air flight helicopter landing. >> i just read about the pancake breakfast and i just laughed and thought this is ridiculous. >> reporter: the chief says the announcement met the guidelines for the county alert system. but if they had to do it over again he would mention the
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helicopter in the first sentence. twitter's upcoming ipo promises to be one of the year's biggest but now we've learned two more bits of information about the often secretive company. regulatory filings shows that twitter will list its shares on the the s & p not nasdaq. owens will be the new senior vice president of retail and online sales. she is credited with turning around burberry. one of her main challenges at apple will be to boost sales in china. >> is this the right color, is this the right size. are we giving the troops what
11:26 pm
they really want. are we going to have shops in milan, paris that's what she's all about. >> reporter: erins is first woman to join the executive team since the early 80s. some analysts expect she could become apple's new chief executive. apple stock rose above $500 a shares. it ended the day at 498. apple is holding another one of its big product launch events a week from today at the yerba buena center for the arts. this is what the company's invitation looks like. it says we still have a lot to cover. there are reports that apple will unveil a new i pad and i pad mini. we could also see updated versions of prolaptops and find out about the release of the desktop operating system mavericks. cameras to help fight crime. in three minutes the criticism over where police is trying to put them. and live pictures from downtown oakland and the site
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of the b.a.r.t. negotiations. the headline at this hour the talks are continuing and most importantly the trains will be running tomorrow. and get ktvu when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the two-thousand-fourteen subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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happening now, we want to show you a live picture of the caltrans building in downtown oakland where b.a.r.t. negotiations continue at this hour inside. if you're just joining us we just learned a few minutes ago the trains will be running tomorrow on normal schedule as b.a.r.t. and its unions have agreed to continue talking. the city of fremont, the city council there voted tonight to move forward with a controversial program to create a network of surveillance
11:30 pm
cameras. >> that's despite the concerns of privacy. christien kafton live where how the public is trying to reassure the public there. >> reporter: fremont police currently operate this camera here. now the police chief wants to add 20 more to the network. the council voted tonight and members say they want to proceed but only with careful consideration. the camera on central avenue and fremont has been monitoring the street for about a month now the police chief is looking to reallocate 365 million dollars in federal grant money to fund a network of 20 cameras in low and moderate neighborhoods. >> the camera dramatically changes our ability to provide safety. >> i've never heard of such a horrifying proposal before this council. >> reporter: council should categorically reject the cameras despite the source of funding. >> reporter: the video would be
11:31 pm
purged according to public guidelines. >> the privacy issue cannot be overstated. it absolutely has to be part of the planning of this process. >> reporter: council members say they want to go slow to see if the federal funds could be used for another purpose but did vote to further explore a widespread surveillance camera program. >> i can't think of any way to help neighborhoods more than reducing crime. if our expert law enforcement person is sitting here telling us that i think we need to listen to them seriously on that. >> reporter: the council is expected to consider the proposal by january. we're live in fremont, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. new restrictions on robo calls are set to take effect tomorrow. the federal communications commission is requiring that
11:32 pm
telemarketers have approval. these new rules apply to land lines and cell phones. the supreme court heard oral arguments today in an affirmative action case which could affect laws in eight states including california. >> what do we want? >> reporter: at issue the constitutionality of voter past measures the ban of sex and gender in employment and education. the majority of justices seemed to agree that states can ban affirmative actions policies. the high court refused to hear a court involving california overpopulation. over the last three years, california has reduced its
11:33 pm
prison population by 30,000 inmates. the reductions are part of a protracted legal battle over prison overcrowding ruled so severe it's deprived inmates of adequate medical and mental health care. here in the bay area a first of its kind school is about to open tailored to teen addicts who are in recovery. david stevenson got a look at the program that aims to get teens clean and also get their education. >> reporter: lunchtime at san francisco secondary school the continuation program serves about 85 high school students. >> my mom never let my watch war movies. i think i got some type of -- >> reporter: these are students who have struggled with truancy, behavioral and other adult sized troubles. >> i see a lot of kids popping xtasy, snorting coke and doing other stuff like that and it's not good. it's not healthy. >> reporter: in conjunction
11:34 pm
with the county court system the school is now launching sf act. a program aid at helping teens struggling with addiction. it's a combination of regular classes and outpatient treatment for students 14 to 18 years old. >> we will also provide family support and substance abuse and anger support. >> reporter: it's not that more san francisco kids are becoming addicted. >> there's still a lot of students who end up cycling in and out of treatment who have a number of treatment episodes and nothing really stuck. >> i used to do drugs and alcohol now i don't. >> reporter: daniel martinez says he sees his peers struggling to quit too. >> some people that have been doing it for years they need support and they need help to stop. >> reporter: that's a fact
11:35 pm
officially launches on november 4th. it will hopefully get students help and out of the criminal system. president obama gave out the medal of honor today. >> this award was earned with a team. a team of our finist, marines, army, air force, navy and our afghan partners standing side by side. and now that team include gold star families who lost their fathers, sons and husbands that day. >> swanson lives in seattle and has applied to return to active duty it would be the first time ever that a medal of honor winner has returned to service. some students celebrated halloween extra early today.
11:36 pm
hospital officials say the annual event helps lift the spirits of children and young adults who can't leave the hospital to enjoy the traditional halloween festivities. patients as young as 18 months all the way to 23 years old took part in today's party. spirit halloween stores helped provide the decorations and costumes. back here right after the break, a cool one tomorrow morning. we talked about that but it's going to warm up. fire danger elevated and your bay area weekend is in view. back here after the break. >> someone has enough stones to come into a house with dogs going nuts. >>
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a vta bus and truck crashed during the evening commute. the accident shut down the roadway and sent four passengers on the bus and the truck driver to the hospital. the chp says none of the injuries appears to be life threatening. all lanes of the highway were cleared by 7:30 tonight. now to wood side where police say thieves were able to get into their victim's homes literally with a push of a button. in all three cases the people were home at the time and had no idea what was going on. ktvu's rob roth with a warning now going out. >> reporter: you know we were sitting in the house den. >> you know we were sitting in the house and apparently they came right down the driveway. >> reporter: emerson swan showed us what happened in his home. someone pulled the garage opener out of his car. >> we were silly and didn't lock it. >> reporter: while all this was going on emerson says he and
11:40 pm
his wife were home in a separate part of the house. >> we were down there watching the walking dead. >> reporter: the dogs even started walking, not only did the couple not suspect anything, the noise did not scare the intruders. >> someone has enough stones to come into the house with dogs going nuts and clearly they can hear us at the other end of the house watching television. that was just frightening in terms of what else can these guys do. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says in all three of the burglaries that happened in this wood side hills neighborhood people were home and didn't hear anything. in all three cases the thief or thieves got inside by using garage door opens. >> there's steps that people can take to help themselves. whether it's locking their vehicles. locking your front door. >> reporter: swan says he's learned his lesson. he will keep his car locked. the garage opener hidden and -- >> i got some web pages up now
11:41 pm
where i'm looking at surveillance cameras. the alameda county sheriff's office is asking for help tonight to find an elderly woman from san lorenzo. 77-year-old herr era was seen leaving her home. she is described as latina about 150-pound. police say she was driving a toyota sedan. the white four door 2003 toyota has a license plate number of 5aua431. herr era is said to suffer from the early stages of dementia. the medical examiner's office released its autopsy report five months after his
11:42 pm
death. it concluded the cause of death was blunt trauma with drowning and it was an accident. the 36-year-old died may 9th when the team artimus capsized and he was trapped underneath one of the hulls. a transportation spokesman said officials will review the report before closing the investigation. 60-year-old edward lake jr. died after a bundle of rebar he was unloading fell on top of him. cal osha says the work site is safe to reopen although the investigation could take months. the contractor for the project tells us workers took part in safety meetings this morning and that counselors were on hand. the b.a.r.t. trains will run tomorrow. but, questions still remain tonight about a possible strike at ac transit. plus a warning on scam artists who are preying on
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11:45 pm
in case you missed the breaking news this hour we want to give you a quick update. b.a.r.t. and its unions have agreed to continue negotiating. they say there will be no strike tomorrow an that trains will be running as scheduled. to further complicate matters though the possibility of an ac transit strike now looms first thing thursday morning. the union has already given its notice. today ac transit petitioned the governor for a 60 day cooling off period. there are no meetings scheduled. now to san francisco where
11:46 pm
a grieving mother is speaking to ktvu tonight about the shooting death of her son in broad daylight. ktvu's ken wayne is live in the city where the mother told him she knows her son made bad choices but hopes her experience can help warn others, ken. >> reporter: julie, cristina dungan called us and told us she wanted to spread the word among other families who may have a loved one involved in gangs. she says it's not too late to stop. mayward jr. was shot to death. candles and flowers now mark the spot. >> there's no way to sugar coat that. >> reporter: his mother has no illusions about what led to his death and she wants other parents in her shoes to face reality. >> it's time now for mothers to come out and to tell their stories and to stop hiding. >> reporter: mavery's mother admit what many crime victims families will not. >> my son was involved in that.
11:47 pm
yes he was. he made bad decisions. and you know what, his bad decision will save someone else from making a bad decision. >> reporter: she says her son was a stand out high school athlete and wanted to become a truck driver to take care of his 1-year-old son but she says he got off track. >> i think it's time for gang members and i think it's time for people on the streets to stop living by a code. a street code that to a street that doesn't even belong to them. >> reporter: the shooting happened last wednesday as a busy evening commute was getting under way. regina duncan says the violence who took her son could easily take another life. >> this is a cry of public safety. no one is safe. if you think you're safe, you're in denial. >> reporter: a vigil will be held tomorrow. next tuesday a rally is planned at san francisco city hall to try to end street violence. and police say they welcome any
11:48 pm
tips because the gunman is still out there. live in san francisco, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. beware of promises that come with a price. that is the warning tonight from san francisco's district attorney after a scam targeting immigrants. today gascon warned immigrants about the scams. a deputy d.a. said immigrants should be aware of red flags. >> if they say they have connections in government or they know someone who can put them at the front of the line there's nothing like that. and so making promises or guarantees is definitely a sign that there's a problem. the da is asking scam victims to come forward and not be afraid so authorities can get those responsible off the
11:49 pm
streets. a pretty warm day out there today. highs tomorrow a lot like the highs we had today. we had 80 in antioch and 75 in oakland. look at oakland within the bay area around the bay, 82, 82 in hayward. it's not often you see these temperatures around the bay. as warm as these inland bay valley temperatures. the it's very typical of a fall weather pattern where you get the microclimates sort of washed out by these low pressure centers. it's cold along the coast, foggy then mild and a little warmer than inland. this time of year it goes flat. we have 48 in novato so temperatures are coming down. checking on the wind they're all over the place. you have a northwest wind barely, it's calm. barely triggering in oakland. overnight lows tonight are going to get down there. we're going to see numbers down into the upper 30s and low 40s.
11:50 pm
so elevated fire danger tonight. and last night as well. so just look for that. there's no red flag warning. the wind are blowing a little bit up in the hills. especially in the sierra nevada. you have winds up around butte county. you have some winds in the hills. for us temperatures have been 15 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow is a lot like today. as we go into thursday, slightly cooler. by a degree or two. no big changes in this five day forecast. oranges are 80s. we'll see lots of 70s and 80s. coastal fog is not going to happen. almost a wash, almost a very similar to what we had today or a little bit warmer for wednesday. after a school start. 81 in san jose. high pressure sinking. so air rises it cools this time of year when the air gets pushed down and compresses.
11:51 pm
rub your hand tomorrow that's compression. you feel the heat, that's what happens when the molecules start to rub tomorrow. i'm just happy we don't have a big fire danger situation. we always say this is great weather. everybody likes it and we're getting away with it because the weather is not crazy. if this was a little more intense we would be doing red flag warnings. >> thank you, bill. a southern california marine instructor says she was snorkeling when she looked down and saw an eye the size of a half dollar. she swam down and this is what she found. the massive eel like fish was almost perfectly intact. or fish are rarely seen and largely unstudied. >> holy cow. that's a long fish. >> kind of creepy.
11:52 pm
mark is here now with sports. boy st. louis on the verge of making it to the world series. >> almost, but we've seen that act before. last year familiar territory it is for the cardinals. 3-1 lead in the nlcs. you remember what happened to them last year, barry zito happened. hope does float for the cardinals. the dodgers who had many a chance down 3-1 one on here. juan uribe with puig at first. shot to first. and matt carpenter beautiful turn at second. end of another dodger threat 7th inning. punto doubled but carlos martinez wheeling and cleans him off cleanly. that's just embarrassing for
11:53 pm
punto. end of another sight. 4-2 they are down 3-1 in the series. they may all look like rejects from the cast of duck dynasty but no denying the boston red sox are playing some ball. taking it down to detroit. that's a look at justin verlander. one regrettable play for him, mike napoli over and out in the seventh. solo shot 1-0 lead. and in petaluma gomes, miguel cabrera is gone. follow that up with prince gone on strikes. fielder now, no rbis in his last 15 postseason games. 2-1 series lead.
11:54 pm
for the boston red sox. and one
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they have a perfect record. the sharks are outscoring opponents opponents yet not all is well with the team tonight. danny boyle drilled in the back of head by lapier who was taken off the ice. as for the hair and square, 1-0 lead shortly after the boyle injury. 48 picks later.
11:58 pm
sharks deflect scores in bunches. pavelchi his first of the year. 2-0 lead they go on to beat st. louis. 6-0 regard for the sharks. it feels like giving you yesterday's news tonight since the lakers tangos with golden state. looking good in china. tops for andre iguodala they written it 100-85 that's the
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